Portland Oregon to Portland Place, London 2013



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Research project


As passionate advocates of better cycling provision, the P2P riders added a research theme to the journey: what can we learn from the Americans and the rapid progress they are making in encouraging more city cycling.

After a quick desktop survey of current policies and provision, our objective was to explore the facilities and infrastructure for cycling in the many cities we rode through. We wanted to experience cycling facilities directly, and talk to local cyclists and policy makers.

We chose to start in Portland, Oregon because it has been setting the pace on urban cycling, and is one of America’s most liveable cities – these two characteristics are clearly connected. We then rode on to Missoula, home to the national Adventure Cycling Association, and through to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York. Back on this side of the Atlantic, the ride continued across Ireland and resumed checking out cycling in Cardiff, Bristol, Oxford and, of course, London.

We used exploratory rides in Freiburg, Copenhagen and Rotterdam to provide base line experience to help the team review the cities en route; the discussions with Jan Gehl’s and his colleagues in Copenhagen were especially valued.

The idea of contacting local experts along the way and cycling around the cities worker really well, and we are indebted to the many enthusiasts who guided us around and provided endless information, from formal interviews to chats in a diner.

We know our research is a bit of an eye-opener: despite being the quintessential car culture, northern American cities demonstrate a dynamic approach laced with optimism. We hope our findings will encourage politicians and decision-makers to turn aspirations into real delivery on improved cycling conditions in our cities - and in particular in London.

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P2P Youtube Channel
Visit our YouTube channel to view videos from the ride and interviews with experts we met as part of our research.

Final Report
View our Final Report, as presented to the Mayor of London on 10 December 2013

Interim Report
Our Interim Report on how cycling in the US is creating better cities was circulated to Members of Parliament in the United Kindom

Research Summary
America's Cycling Cities is a summary of the research undertaken during the the P2P ride.