Portland Oregon to Portland Place, London 2013



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mugshot“We know that a relatively dense, compact urban form is far more energy efficient than suburbs that sprawl. We also know that cities where you can walk or cycle, rather than drive, where there are generous public spaces and amenities close at hand, are more congenial places in which to cycle. Cycling is one of my great passions – particularly with a group of friends. I wish Peter and the group the best of luck and will be following their progress with a touch of envy – who knows, I hope to join the peloton along the way.”

Lord Foster

mugshot‘‘Bicycle riding is like flying without actually leaving the ground—it is a purely joyful means of transport. Light pedal strokes propel you forward with ease, while you enjoy the full sensory beauty of place along your way. Here we have urbanists and designers connecting this most efficient and joyful means of transport with city planning, proving their point with a punctuation point by riding their bicycles from Portland, US to Portland Place, UK. No doubt this epic ride will advance the understanding that bicycles should move more of us through our cities.’’

Phil Harrison, President and Chief Executive Officer, Perkin’s + Will

mugshot“This is a stonking charity initiative, combining a love of cycling with an ambition to know more about how the beloved bicycle is fast becoming a credible form of urban transport in cities around the world. I wish them good luck and a comfortable saddle on their tour."

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

mugshot‘‘Allford Hall Monaghan Morris are delighted to be able to sponsor P2P as well as providing support for Associate and Head of Sustainability,  Nic Crawley, to travel the whole distance.  We very much look forward to hosting a welcome reception for Nic and all the riders when they arrive in Bristol in July.

It’s very clear that successful cities are much more than their constituent buildings and that true sustainability extends far beyond simple environmental factors and, as a city-dweller and keen cyclist myself, I’m well aware of the many benefits brought by cycling. The cycling city studies are an excellent initiative and we look forward to hearing about all that the team uncover on their epic journey to see how we can further improve the cities we all share.

There is a very large number of cyclists at AHMM and whilst we may not be able to share the P2P team’s pain as they encounter the inevitable storms, headwinds and steep climbs along their journey, we will be encouraging all those in the office who can, to join the riders when they return to the UK to ride with them in support of these excellent architectural charities.’’

Peter Morris, Director, AHMM

mugshot“Over the past 25 years, I’ve ridden approximately 80,000 miles – half of it in New York City. What a joy it is for me to encounter new zoning laws in London and New York, which not only encourage, but demand bicycle parking. It is a movement thanks to those like Peter and P2P, whose time has come. Bravo!”

Bill Pedersen, KPF

mugshot“Jestico+Whiles Architects have adopted many techniques learnt from their extensive international work into their UK Projects with great success. The P2P initiative is no different and we have no doubt that this extreme study will achieve valuable research to benefit the Cycling experience for everybody in Great Britain.”

John Whiles, Jestico + Whiles

mugshot"The ride will give the team an excellent opportunity to experience different cities’ approaches to sustainability including cycling and cyclists and to engage with local policy-makers. I hope it will be truly interesting and enjoyable. The journey will take the cyclists through some of the best planned cities from Portland, USA to London, UK. These cities all aim at sustainable and environmental strategies to contain growth, encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport. I look forward to joining the ride in London."

Lord Rogers

mugshot"P2P has got to be one of Peter's most impressive and ambitious initiatives yet and we are delighted to support him and his team. Cycling is a key part of improving transport infrastructure, health and well-being and quality of the public realm. Seeing how other cities integrate it successfully will bring further momentum to London's cycling revolution and benefits all round."

Simon Silver, Head of Regeneration, Derwent London.

mugshot“We wish the P2P Team the best of luck with this great initiative; a marathon compared to the 'Tour de France'! Designing for sustainable and fit communities is becoming a major consideration in the USA. The opportunity to study and experience at first hand cycling in these cities, with the additional benefits of meeting with policy makers and raising money for worthy charities, is a superb idea. We look forward to welcoming the P2P team at the completion of their USA leg in our New York studio to celebrate their achievement and hear about their adventures so far.”

Andrew Whalley, Deputy Chairman, Grimshaw

mugshot“Peter, Portland 2 Portland, what a great, deep green, inspiring, big idea about big human, urban issues. Perkins+ Will cyclists will be with you all the way across the States and Article 25 will put the money to good use in humanitarian work across the globe.

"Go, Peter, Go!”

Jack Pringle: Chair, Article 25; MD, Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will


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